Sarah was born in Venezuela, and moved from her native country to Italy (Milan) at a young age. She spent many of her formative years living in multiple countries, including Italy, France, UK and Germany. European culture influenced Sarah to develop keen sensibilities, and her experience over 10 years in fashion allowed her to develop a unique understanding of the industry.


Sarah's passion for creating inspired her to study marketing of contemporary art and furniture at NABA University. At the same time, Sarah worked as managing director of exports for a company that specialized in luxury interior design fabrics. All the while, she collaborated with many galleries in Italy. 


When Sarah finished university (2014), she decided to relocate to the United States and chose Los Angeles as her home base. Sarah loves and is inspired by both her European and American experiences. Both cultures continue to offer her a fresh, one-of-a-kind perspective.


In 2016 Sarah founded her own company, SDL Design, based in the USA. The company delivers expert consulting in interior design, landscape and export management. Sarah's clientele includes collaboration with several Italian luxury brands.


The main mission for SDL Design is to provide expert consultation services in the furnishing of residential properties. Together, we design and find the best style solutions for any project. Understanding the needs and desires of our customers are pinnacle to creating not just a living space but a home.


SDL Design seeks the needs and wants of the client to create their truest haven. We believe that intrinsic beauty and spacial harmony are supremely important elements to creating a dream home. As a team, SDL Design serves to personally craft a perfect place for you to live.